Monday, December 7, 2009

Second Life

Second Life
Second life is a virtual world created by Linded Lab in 2003 and it it available in Internet. Users are able to interact with others through avatars that they create. In this world you can socialize, participate in individual or group activities, create and trade properties, travel around the world, have some holidays and do a lot of fun activities. This program is for people aged 18 and over. Users have to be careful because there are no restrictions to be in this world, so you can find anything you can imagine.

Educational uses
This platform, Second Life, is used in education by many institutions, such as Universities, Colleges and Government entities. It is very useful not only to teach any subject but to conduct research as well.
In Second Life learners become immersed in education. This platform can provide and deliver a unique educational setting in which students are able to communicate, participate and practice the target language.
In this 3d virtual world, students may be engaged in role plays, scavenger hunts, guided tours to places they are studying in their real world classrooms. Students can learn by doing (creating objects) and share information with other students (from their classrooms or from any part of the world). There are many vocabulary activities, for instance, students can look for objects that contain the definitions inside. In second life people can find tutorials, simulations, language translators and professional networks.
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This is me in Rave Beach.

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